Edie thinks everything is hers and she makes sure that we know it. It used to be cute when she would grab something, hug it to her chest, and yell “mine!” as loud as she could, but this got old real quick. Sometimes I think she doesn’t understand me when I tell her “no, those keys are mommy’s” but then she glares at me with defiance in her eyes and I know she just wants to have it.
It’s amazing to me how quickly we learn selfishness. Edie will ask for more food or juice before she is even done with what she has and when I tell her to finish first she starts screaming. I want to teach her to share, to know that there are some things she can’t have, but this feels impossible when my well reasoned arguments are returned with spitting and flailing on the ground. How do you reason with a two year old? Spanking just makes the crying last longer and, with Edie, I’m sure it just strengthens her rebellion. Time outs work a little better but she still comes out a wreck.
The worst part of all is there are times when I’m tired and just want to relax and I realize that I selfishly want everything for myself too. I realize that, if given my own way, I would snatch the cookie from Edie, the remote from Natalie, and want everything for me. I want to throw a tantrum. It’s no fun to share or give up stuff sometimes and yet I have to show Edie how important it is. Being an example sucks. But then there are times where Edie shares her food or toys, gives me a kiss, and then I remember how cool it is that I taught her that. It makes it all better for a while. Thankfully, though, she is only two once.