Edie’s vocabulary has exploded in the last month. She’s putting together phrases and sentences that appear out of nowhere. It’s amazing. It’s like she has a super powered brain that sucks up everything she hears. Just the other day she reached out and grabbed my arm saying, “I got your arm!” and then just laughed. I don’t know where that came from!

Sometimes I do know where she learns her words and it reminds me to watch what I say. I made a sassy remark to her one morning when I said, “Whatever, Edie.” She then looked at me right in the eyes and responded with, “Whatever, Papa!” in an all too teenager-esque tone.

Even though I know this is the end of any solitude I may have for a few years, I am still enjoying hearing her talk. When I pick her up from school and she starts telling me all the things she did that day it’s exciting and fun, even though I only understand half of it. She’s becoming more of a little girl and less of a baby each day and it’s crazy to see how fast she’s changing. So enjoy these pics of her with some baby fat while it lasts!