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So yeah, I’m a slacker, but you are all going to forget how terrible I have been about updating this blog once you see the adorable video I’ve out together. I just discovered an entire cache of videos hidden on my computer and decided to teach myself how to edit them into a fun little video. I don’t have much time to write anything deep or insightful right now but enjoy this video until I do.

Edie Clipshow 2010-2011 from Drew Badgett on Vimeo.


Finally! A post about Edie! I know you’ve all been wanting to strangle me for keeping her to myself so here is a quick photo shoot she made me take with her after school the other day. Outside her class there are two little benches and an adirondack chair that she walked right over to, sat down, and told she wanted pictures. So of course I obliged. Here’s the pics.

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Edie’s vocabulary has exploded in the last month. She’s putting together phrases and sentences that appear out of nowhere. It’s amazing. It’s like she has a super powered brain that sucks up everything she hears. Just the other day she reached out and grabbed my arm saying, “I got your arm!” and then just laughed. I don’t know where that came from!

Sometimes I do know where she learns her words and it reminds me to watch what I say. I made a sassy remark to her one morning when I said, “Whatever, Edie.” She then looked at me right in the eyes and responded with, “Whatever, Papa!” in an all too teenager-esque tone.

Even though I know this is the end of any solitude I may have for a few years, I am still enjoying hearing her talk. When I pick her up from school and she starts telling me all the things she did that day it’s exciting and fun, even though I only understand half of it. She’s becoming more of a little girl and less of a baby each day and it’s crazy to see how fast she’s changing. So enjoy these pics of her with some baby fat while it lasts!

Natalie and I now have working bicycles and a trailer for Edie, which we are going to use. I swear. So we decided to buy a helmet for Edie. We may not have gotten much use out of our bikes yet, it’s the weather, not cause we are lazy, but Edie has really gotten the money out of her helmet.

Here’s another great video that I am definitely going to use as embarrassment material when she gets older.

I got an Iphone 4 so now I can shoot silly videos whenever I want. Get ready for lots of short movies with Edie doing nothing all that interesting. First one. Eating pho, with a fork and spoon.