I got an Iphone 4 so now I can shoot silly videos whenever I want. Get ready for lots of short movies with Edie doing nothing all that interesting. First one. Eating pho, with a fork and spoon.


As you can probably tell by the fact that I went almost two months without a post, time is something that I don’t have a lot of. I used to take time for granted. Before Edie, when I wasn’t working or studying then my time was my own. I could do with it as I pleased. Now the only time I have is when she is asleep, which lately has not been nearly enough.

When I’m left with just the margins of my day to myself, I tend to fall into the trap of putting off what I need/want to do until the next day. I tell myself that I can get that done tomorrow, I’ll do double the work to make up for it, or that I just need some time to relax. Obviously these tactics only end up with me doing nothing for weeks on end.

So, where this is all going is that this year I am not going to let myself fall into the all too tempting procrastination routine that I am used to. Sticking with my Edie blog, looking for a better job, and keeping up with the stack of writing projects that I have lined up are things that I am going to stick with all year long. So if I start to slack on this blog, start leaving me some nasty comments and I will kick it into gear. And here are some more amazing pics of Edie being cute.

No, this is not me in this picture, it's my brother

After spending an early Christmas with Natalie’s parents, we had learned the best way to handle gift giving with Edie when it came time for Christmas morning in California, spread it out. Over the days beforehand we let Edie open a present every now and then, play with it for the rest of the day, and then give her a new one. By Christmas morning, she only had a handful of things left to open and she was more content just looking at everyone else open their presents, especially when Chase opened his Nerf gun.


Besides the excitement of Christmas morning, Edie had a great time running around the house, playing with Tilly, and helping us work on a jigsaw puzzle. When one person stopped giving her enough attention she would r just go stand on the bottom step and sing to herself. My family could not get enough of her and it made me realize how much I miss being so close to them. Why do the holidays become so bittersweet when you’re a grown up?

Oh, I forgot to mention the Christmas miracle. EDIE WENT POOPOO ON THE POTTY!

Edie’s first time bowling which is a huge deal in the Badgett family. Bowling is in our blood. My grandma, Twila, still bowls and has an average of 130. She’s in her 80s and she’s amazing.

So now that Natalie and I are super seriously dating (she thinks saying we’re dating doesn’t sound serious enough to describe us which is pretty accurate and cute of her) that means we have to split up the holidays between our families. Natalie’s parents were up first and they came down to Austin to enjoy a day of presents and an almost endless sampling of food trucks. If you think that sounds weird then you have to come down here and try Gordough’s donuts. They’re amazing.

Edie is now old enough to really enjoy the idea of opening and receiving presents so what was supposed to be a quick exchange ended up taking nearly 3 hours. After each present, Edie wanted to take it out, try it on, play with it, and make sure each of us saw what she got. Then we had to bribe her into putting it down long enough to put another present in front of her. It was exhausting.

After all of the presents were opened, Edie chose her favorite things and ended up as a Fancy Nancy doctor.

I know it has been forever since I posted and I’ve completely flaked on this blog. My new year’s resolution is to post something everday, even if it’s just a picture. So with that said, I’m gonna start off with some of the missed holidays. Hope you enjoy it and get on my case if I start to slack again.

Edie really loves cats and she is not afraid to run up and grab everyone she sees. Since Kraemer, Nat’s cat, is declawed and a sweetheart, Edie thinks all cats are the same way. Yesterday she met my cousin’s cat who is not as nice. When Edie went to pet her, the cat hissed, arched it’s back, and bared it’s teeth. Edie was unfazed and started hissing back. I quickly grabbed Edie and tried to explain that hissing means ‘please don’t touch.’ I think Edie understands.