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Finally! A post about Edie! I know you’ve all been wanting to strangle me for keeping her to myself so here is a quick photo shoot she made me take with her after school the other day. Outside her class there are two little benches and an adirondack chair that she walked right over to, sat down, and told she wanted pictures. So of course I obliged. Here’s the pics.

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Edie in her goin' out clothes

Since I am not the biological father of Edie, figuring out what to have her call me was actually a difficult decision. Her father has never really been in the picture so she has never called anyone dad, or dada, or anything paternal like that. Since her mother and I are still just dating, although very seriously dating, it still didn’t feel right to have her call me dad. It’s also a big deal to be someone’s dad and I was still getting used to this little person running around the apartment. I’m sure she was getting used to me too.

When I first arrived in Austin, I tried to teach her my real name. Unfortunately, Drew is probably the most difficult group of letters to pronounce for a two year old. I don’t think I could say my name until I was four. Doo, roo, joo, are the only sounds that come close and I think I might get some weird looks if she was yelling joo across the room to get my attention. She ignored all attempts to teach her my name and almost immediately started calling me bampa which is short for grandpa. Natalie’s stepdad, Dave, was bampa at home and I guess she just assumed all guys were called that. Dave was not to happy that he had lost the sole title of bampa but it was not a name she held onto for very long with me, which worried me a little.

After a week of being called bampa or just yelled at, she dropped the d-bomb. That’s right, out of nowhere she called me daddy. Without even thinking I responded to her. It was a second later that Natalie and I looked at each other and were equally shocked. I’m sure Natalie was trying to hide the pleasure of seeing me take on the daddy role but I was just absorbing the fact that I was becoming someone’s dad. I still feel too young to be in charge of someone else’s life, especially when I am struggling to do something with my own. Well, I tried to tell her that my name was Drew but she just laughed and ran away. Should I let her call me daddy? Should I try and change it?

After that time she didn’t call me daddy again but the name bampa was slowly changing. What had once been a clear grandpa reference was changing into papa. A more dad-ish name but still less formal than dad. I mean, come on, B.I.G. liked to be called papa. I could order pizza from Papa John’s and not feel weird about it. It seemed to be a good compromise, I just hoped that would be as far as it would go, at least until I was ready to commit completely to putting on the dad hat.

So I am still papa and I like it. I’ve been given my own nickname from a precocious two year old. I don’t think I have ever had a nickname I liked before this one. What is this cute little girl doing to me?