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So yeah, I’m a slacker, but you are all going to forget how terrible I have been about updating this blog once you see the adorable video I’ve out together. I just discovered an entire cache of videos hidden on my computer and decided to teach myself how to edit them into a fun little video. I don’t have much time to write anything deep or insightful right now but enjoy this video until I do.

Edie Clipshow 2010-2011 from Drew Badgett on Vimeo.


Natalie and I now have working bicycles and a trailer for Edie, which we are going to use. I swear. So we decided to buy a helmet for Edie. We may not have gotten much use out of our bikes yet, it’s the weather, not cause we are lazy, but Edie has really gotten the money out of her helmet.

As you can probably tell by the fact that I went almost two months without a post, time is something that I don’t have a lot of. I used to take time for granted. Before Edie, when I wasn’t working or studying then my time was my own. I could do with it as I pleased. Now the only time I have is when she is asleep, which lately has not been nearly enough.

When I’m left with just the margins of my day to myself, I tend to fall into the trap of putting off what I need/want to do until the next day. I tell myself that I can get that done tomorrow, I’ll do double the work to make up for it, or that I just need some time to relax. Obviously these tactics only end up with me doing nothing for weeks on end.

So, where this is all going is that this year I am not going to let myself fall into the all too tempting procrastination routine that I am used to. Sticking with my Edie blog, looking for a better job, and keeping up with the stack of writing projects that I have lined up are things that I am going to stick with all year long. So if I start to slack on this blog, start leaving me some nasty comments and I will kick it into gear. And here are some more amazing pics of Edie being cute.

Edie’s first time bowling which is a huge deal in the Badgett family. Bowling is in our blood. My grandma, Twila, still bowls and has an average of 130. She’s in her 80s and she’s amazing.

Passed out mid chapter

After two months I think it is official, I am hooked on Edie. Being the fatherly figure in her life is so fun. I’ve taught her how to clink cups and say cheers, how to get low and do the splits while dancing, and how to eat an open faced sandwich (that one was pretty messy). I am really having a lot of fun when it comes to hanging out with Edie all day which is good because we spend a lot of time together. Being unemployed and broke means that we are pretty much left to ourselves and whatever we can do for free nearby. So we watch movies, go to the kid’s museum, and hang out at the park. It’s a lot of fun times and since Edie and I have the same taste in animated movies we get along swimmingly.

The only downside to this is that I am becoming that guy with the kid. You know, the one who always seems to find a way to turn the conversation towards the kid, has a pocket full of photos to show everyone, and who uses the word ‘potty’ way too often. Edie has transformed me into this new person and it’s strange but not in a bad way. I could definitely use a few more adult friends out here. Or at least a few more people who love to watch the Lion King five times a week.

Giant Lite Brite at the museum